Purchase terms and conditions

Whilst we intend and hope to be fair and equitable in all our dealings with our customers it's only right to explain our sales policies for clarity.

We ask all customers to allow 20 working days for the production, packing and shipping of their products ordered from us. Our candles are hand made to order and in busy periods we may require this amount of time to be able to produce the order alongside other orders from other customers. We endeavour to send you your products sooner however we cannot guarantee how soon your order will be with you.

All purchases made via the ecommerce shop we operate are subject to a 30 day return policy provided the following conditions have not been breached:

  • Any returned candle must not have been lit
  • It must be returned in the packaging in which it was received and that packaging should be undamaged, unless the return is because the product was received damaged
  • The glass containers must be in the condition they were in at despatch and all printed labels or direct printing are intact and in place, unless the return is because the product was received damaged
  • All efforts should be made not to worsen the condition of the product if it is being returned because it was received damaged

The following circumstances for a return are at the discretion of Osmḗ Candles Limited and we reserve the right to refuse a return in these circumstances, taking into account the above conditions:

  • The colour or scent of the candles were not to the customer's liking
  • The order for the product was in error
  • The customers expectation of the products or service were not met

We operate the following remedial steps for returned items, in line with trading and sales laws covering England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland:

  • We reserve the right to offer a replacement product to the same specification as the returned item or, at our discretion, an alternate product of equivalent type and value
  • We reserve the right to offer a credit to the value of the item returned to be redeemed through our online store in the first instance
  • We reserve the right to offer either a partial or full refund for a returned product at our discretion provided the condition of the item meets the specified conditions above.

We will not be held liable for the costs of transportation for items you return however where our product is faulty we also will not hold you liable for the transportation cost of a replacement item.

None of these terms prejudice or supplant your rights in law, however it is worth bearing in mind that sales law in the United Kingdom does not entitle customers to demand or expect a full or partial refund for returned items in any circumstances.

Bearing all of this in mind it our intention to make your shopping experience with us and your enjoyment of products you purchase from us as great as possible and we are committed to working with our customer to resolve issues as best as possible where they arise.