The candles you want

Made with pure essential oils,

choose the candles you want,

have them made to order

Smell the memories

Scent is one of our strongest ways of evoking our past, bring us back to times, places and people we love. Whether you want to transport yourself back or help create new memories, Osmḗ candles help take you there.

Hand poured, hand scented

Our customers say ...

My favourite candles ever! They arrived in beautiful packaging, coulors are gorgeous. Amazing smell travels throughout my house and has an amazing lingering fragrance.

Tjaša from Salisbury

I was also very much enjoying your candle during labour. Made a very relaxing spa environment in the bathroom along with a colour changing lamp and Enya playing!

Josie from Surrey

I received my Bergamot candle that I ordered online within a few days and it smells lovely

Fiona from Clitheroe

The Bergamot Candle has a gorgeous scent that lingers throughout my cottage long after I blow it out. It came in a beautiful white box and would actually make a wonderful gift, if you could bear to part with it...

Irena from Wiltshire

Long lasting scented candles with a difference. Beautifully crafted and presented. Perfect gifts!

Sandra from Cambridge

Received my Osme candles - a Cinnamon and a Lavender one. Beautifully presented and smell sooooo lovely. Thank you

Lyndsay from Berkhamsted

The house is infused with their delicate scent. What a superb gift they make.

Ingrid from Ottershaw

Beautiful candles with natural scents that will fill any space. Perfect for me time!

Lucy from Bursledon

'We love the lovely natural scents and are really pleased how long they last'  

Nigel from Fareham

Covid-19 statement

Post Covid, we continue to e ensure the safety of our team. Non-essential visitors are not permitted on site. Owing to the nature of working with powerful essential oils as part of our process, our team are already using personal protection equipment such as gloves, masks and protective clothing.