About Us

Osm Candles is a British chandler, specialising in hand scented, hand poured candles made from materials that are all from sustainable sources, and created in Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

We are a company dedicated to making premium quality product for retail, corporate and private clients who want to create something special to their offering or event.


Our sustainability commitment
As a company, we constantly look for ways to reduce our carbon and environmental footprint, and we're continually exploring ways of moving forwards by being greener and more socially responsible.

The soy waxes we use in our candles are all from certified eco-friendly, sustainable sources and our essential oil scents are from organic and sustainable sources wherever possible - even our packaging is made from recycled materials.

We've tested and made sure that the 100% cotton wicks to burn with a minimum of soot and our glassware can be reused as drinking glassware once you've enjoyed the candles to their end.

To the best of our knowledge all other elements that we use to make our candles avoid the use of animals and animal by-products. We're not certified as vegan (yet) but we are vegan-friendly.


Our workforce commitment
Osm Candles employs only staff in the UK, supports flexible working arrangements and is dedicated to a diverse and inclusive culture in its team. Paula's family and friends include people of differing ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, education level and age - they feel strongly that if they have a wide ranging group of people that they love and support in their personal lives then their team at work should be equally all encompassing.

We've done everything we can to make sure our raw materials are sourced ethically and we take the same approach in terms of working practices. We're so committed to the ethical treatment of the people in our supply chain that if we find any supplier is contravening laws regarding labour and workforce conditions in they will be reported to any appropriate enforcement agencies, and their supplier contracts will be terminated immediately.