Privacy policy

As with all things Osmḗ Candles, we like to keep thing simple, so here's our privacy statement and policy.

In brief we promise to look after the data about you that you entrust to us to the best of our ability, using the best and most secure tools that we can and that our business platform suppliers furnish us with.

Here's the long version:

We only gather your information for the purposes of:
    • direct communication regarding the business of Osmḗ Candles Limited and our dealings with you
    • order processing
    • marketing communication that you have double opted into (that is you have given us your contact information AND explicitly agreed to us contacting you with marketing messages) and which you may opt out from at any time
    Your data as can be accessed by Osmḗ Candles Limited staff and officers is stored securely in only three areas:
    • On password protected computers operated only by our staff both on and off of our premises in relation to the running of the company.
    • On our ecommerce store platform, Shopify, operated and secured by Shopify International Limited (you can find their privacy policies here)
    • On our cloud storage platform, OneDrive, which is operated and secured by Microsoft (you can find their privacy policies here)

    Although we are storing your data on secure systems provided by third party platform suppliers your data is not available for them to use for the purposes of their business.

    We will not share your information with any other business, ever, unless it is to process a purchase and ensure you receive the goods you have ordered (for instance, we will share your delivery address details with courier or postal services in order to get your goods to you).

    We will not sell your data to any other company or governmental body for any purposes whatsoever.

    We will not disclose your personal details to law enforcement or government personnel without them having presented the correct authorisation details requiring our compliance under law. Those laws must be in force in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland at the time of the application for the information. We will verify their instruction with legal counsel prior to compliance wherever possible to ensure the interested parties are acting in good faith.

    We undertake to keep your personal data secure and protected at all times and should any data security breach occur we also undertake to inform you of such a breach, provide any information we can about the potential impact of the breach and outline actions we are taking to mitigate and prevent further breaches immediately and continue to keep you informed of all progress regarding the matter as frequently as possible and practicable.

    Our websites use cookies to track user behaviour and are linked to systems provided by Shopify, Facebook and Amazon. These are used to allow us to deliver better service on our digital platforms, identify potential issues with your experience of our digital presence and address them and enhance your experience of our digital presence. Our service providers provide the ability for you to choose to opt out of these tracking processes and we are dedicated to only using this data for the purposes of making your shopping experience better. Use of cookie blocking technology should not prevent use of our digital presence but may disable or downgrade features that these cookies serve to make your experience run smoothly.

    We will delete any data held about you by us by default no more than 12 months after your last recorded activity with us. Deletion of data held on our third party platform suppliers systems are subject to their own data policies.

    Upon request we will endeavour, as quickly as is possible and practicable, provide you with details of the data we hold about you.

    None of the above points are intended to deprive you of your statutory rights and protections and where any such deprivation might be potentially implied it should be read as that your statutory rights take precedence. 

    If you need to contact us about your data, it's processing, removal or just to discover what we hold about you please put your requests in writing to:

    Data Protection Officer
    Osmḗ Candles Limited
    Suite 2, Victoria House, South Street,Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7QU
    United Kingdom