We're still here!

Last year was extraordinary, whichever way you look at it, and we're all hoping it's going to be a better one in 2021.

We've been all on tenterhooks waiting for news about our Sales Director, Paula, and we're happy to confirm she's been declared clear of her breast cancer after two rounds of surgery and a course of radiotherapy. She's back at work and raring to go, thank goodness - welcome back Paula!

We're also happy to announce we'll be rolling out some new scents this year, the first of which we're hoping to be Juniper Berry, Lemon and Neroli. There's a little more work to do on getting the blends right (working with essential oils rather than scent oils or perfumes has it's challenges), but we're expecting to have them available on the site soon.

Watch out for us on Etsy soon too! We've had some feedback that people like to buy from small brands like us through trusted platforms so we've acted on that and hope to have a shopfront up and running on Etsy sometime in the next couple of weeks too.

All in all 2021 is already turning into a busy year for us - rest assured we're here to make sure you get the candles you want.