Welcome to our shoppe!

With the winter festivals just a few weeks away and advice from major online retailers to buy Christmas presents early we've got our web shop up and running to give you the time to place your orders for your candles, whether for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones.

We have 14 scents and 10 colours for you to choose from in our 270ml candle range - that's 140 options! Whether you prefer citrus, floral, woody or fresh aromas we're sure there's something in our current range you'll love, but we're looking to introduce new sizes and new scents in the next few weeks and months; in fact we've already added a new scent this month (see our other blog posts for more information on that). 

Owing to the uncertainty around the UK leaving the EU we're not shipping to anywhere outside the UK for now, but when the final trade deals are settled we'll be looking to ship overseas then. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope our overseas customers will visit us again in the not too distant future.